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  • Amanda Cressman, N.D.

What If Life is Working For Me

Life is a very interesting and dynamic thing.  I am always amazed with all the twists and turns that are apart of it.  When I was younger, I imagined that life simply got easier, better and more enjoyable as time moved on and that I in turn would become stronger, lighter and happier....this this continuum always progressing in a positive direction.

It makes me smile, even laugh looking back on these thoughts and realizing that the progression of life and the progression of an individual experience is not so clear cut or linear. It would be a lot easier if it were, but also fairly boring.

Life twists and turns, just like a beautiful, strong river. Sometimes the twists take us back to places we thought we had already been and don't need to visit again...but it does so all the same.

Sometimes it's easy to feel frustrated with this journey, especially if we envisioned that it "should" be different from how it is. How does one lift out of pain, sadness, frustration, guilt, shame...all of these emotions that are experienced and can be re-experienced?

I like to ask a question. I ask myself in those times,"What if Life is Working for Me?". What if amongst all this...that life is actually working to support me? At first that appears to be a difficult question, as this time may contain a great deal of hardship, but if you probe deeper you may find more comfort and understanding upon asking it. Perhaps the present circumstance is helping you revisit something to encourage release, perhaps more lessons are coming from this and needed for your growth, perhaps a final revisit is needed before you can shed it completely. Whatever the case, it's a good one to ask when you're wondering why life is presenting you with something that you feel "shouldn't" be there. If you genuinely want the answer and give yourself sufficient time and space to respond, you may be pleasantly surprised and comforted with what comes up.

It's an interesting journey, this life; always flowing, moving, drastically changing and urging us to do the same. And if we all had the mindset that perhaps life is working for could possibly be a lighter and happier experience.

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