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Amanda Cressman

Naturopathic Doctor

I’m Amanda.  I’m a Naturopathic Doctor in Waterloo, Ontario and someone who genuinely cares about helping others in achieving their health goals. 

I practice with a strong belief that true health is experienced when all aspects of the individual are in balance. 

My Approach

I spend time with each person, understanding their patterns, their behaviours and unique presentation of symptoms.  Why one person is experiencing a condition can differ greatly from another and this complexity is honoured.


I aim to create a safe, compassionate and caring environment for you to share your story, through listening...really listening to your words and to the symptoms and communication from the body.  All of this helps get at the root cause, to then develop a treatment strategy that is unique for you, empowering you with the information needed for your health and overall wellbeing. 



I grew up on a dairy farm, in the country and was fortunate to have gained a strong understanding that nature is to be respected - the nature of our bodies, of health and wellness and the nature of illness, of dis-ease.  This foundation was helpful, paired with my education and training to support others in their journey toward health.  I love Naturopathic Medicine because it honours the complexity that each of us are.  We all have our own story, we all have our own why and that is necessary in uncovering the how, how to get back to who we really are.


Please read more, here about some of the areas I focus on clinically to see if working with me is the right match for you.


University of Waterloo – Bachelor of Science 

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine 



Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario

Contact Me

I am offering telemedicine (video), phone and in-office appointments at this time.

Learn more about Telemedicine Appointments here.


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