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  • Amanda Cressman, N.D.

To Feel Inspired...

Many of us are told to take a deep breath when we feel stressed, anxious or worried. And there have been several studies indicating the importance and relevance of deep breathing in the reduction of heart rate, blood pressure and overall stress levels.

I once read an article relating the act of inspiration (to take a breath in) and feeling inspired (evoking creative thought). Yesterday, when I was out for a run and feeling my breathing rate increase and my body starting to ache, I decided to put it to the test. I focused on taking deep, full breaths and waited to see what would come. The first breath made me feel more in control again when just a moment before I wanted to stop the run and walk. The second breath brought my stress levels down and I became a little more relaxed. As the breathing increased I started enjoying myself again, noticing how beautiful of a day it was. I noticed the colour of the leaves, butterflies flying and just how windy it was. Amazing how in a few moments, you can turn a situation around, literally feeling inspired with renewed energy, focus and perhaps appreciation.

I often forget to take those deep breaths amongst a busy day, but when I do, I am always amazed at the powerful effect this simple act can have. Next time you need a break, a shift or wish to feel inspired, take a deep breath for a few moments and you may be surprised with the outcome.

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